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The Japan Bear Network (JBN) is a membership-based organization created with the objective of carrying out the activities, research, discussion and exchange of information necessary to promote the co-existence of people and bears in Japan.

In Japan, as well as on an international level, living conditions for bears are said to be worsening. However, at the same time, the expansion of the living environment of humans has resulted in continuing friction between people and bears. JBN is an organization in which people from all walks of life not only bear “experts” (researchers, hunters, conservationists, etc.) but also experts in a wide variety of fields (hunting culture, burial culture, etc.) as well as students, people from the general public, nature conservation groups, and people involved in the mass media, literary professions, and local and national governments can participate, and share information about bears.



Objective Conducting necessary activities, research and examinations, and exchanging information aimed at the coexistence of humans and bears in Japan
Established May in 1997
Director Dr. Yoshikazu Sato
Number of members 362(as of Apr.in 2016)
Address of the secretariat

Kita18 Nishi9 Kita-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 060-0818, Japan

Laboratory of Wildlife Biology and Medicine,

Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine
Hokkaido University